Peer coaching as a sustainable source of professional development

Participants will learn basic coaching skills including active listening, rapport, building trust, empathy, summarising, paraphrasing, reflecting and raising awareness. They will practice GROW coaching model and become fluent in asking powerful questions. Beside practicing basic coaching skills they will become acquainted also with variety of coaching tools such are drawings, coaching wheel and questionnaires. A specific framework for peer coaching will be discussed in detail.


The main objective of the course is to prepare the participants to professionally lead a coaching session in the context of peer coaching. By the end of the course participants will have a substantial understanding of coaching framework and coaching models. They will develop a core coaching skills, including observation process, feedback, questioning, listening, raising awareness, establishing and maintaining an authentic relationship. Participants will be able to design a coaching session with different coaching tools included. The specificities of peer coaching will be emphasised.

Peer coaching is a developmental process through which two or more teachers/trainers work together to address common work challenges. Participants of the course will develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding the most important coaching concepts.
  • Establish rapport with less-communicative and mistrustful students.
  • Learn how to ask powerful coaching questions for better self-reflection and insights in students.
  • Empowering and motivating students to exploit their potentials.
  • Using coaching approach in everyday conversation with students and parents.
  • Implementing GROW model of coaching to motivate and empower students.
  • Learn how to lead coaching sessions in pairs and triads.
  • Offering coaching support to other teachers-colleagues.
  • Providing feedbacks in non-threatening, constructive way.
  • Developing active listening skills and applying it in classroom situations.
  • Assisting schools and organizations that are dealing with major transformations and innovations.


Teachers, teacher trainers, careers officers, educational counsellors, headteachers / principals / managers of schools / organisations offering adult education, HRM professionals.


DAY 1. Sunday (only afternoon)
Presentation of the program
Getting to know each other
Ice-breaking activities
Welcome drink and dinner

DAY 2. Monday
Awareness of interpersonal differences
Relationship Awareness theory
The trip round the triangle, how others see us, understanding myself
Understanding others: recognising others, understanding others’ behaviour

DAY 3. Tuesday
Introduction to conflict: the 3 conflict styles, the conflict sequence, conflict triggers
Conflict model
Overdone strengths in conflict management
Study visit in yoga centre: role of mindfulness for teacher’s professional growth

DAY 4. Wednesday
Coaching principles, coaching boundaries with respect to evaluation, mentoring, and counselling, coaching applications
Asking powerful questions, framework for questions
Coaching demonstration
Asking questions: exercise in pairs, reflection and feedback

DAY 5. Thursday
Introduction to GROW coaching model
GROW coaching model in triads, reflection, feedback
Coaching skills: active listening, rapport, trust
Limiting beliefs: awareness in limiting beliefs, how to address the limiting beliefs in coaching
First hand experience with coaching: guest teacher

DAY 6. Friday
Exercise on limiting beliefs
Dilts model of personality
Coaching session practice, reflection, feedback

DAY 7. Saturday (only morning)
Gathering experiences using creativity techniques
Personal action plan
Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes
Discussing possibilities for future cooperation among participants


Ljubljana, Slovenia

scheduled sessions *

15-21 March 2020
9-15 August 2020
15-21 November 2020
21-27 March 2021
6-12 June 2021

Sessions available on demand in Rome (Italy), Terracina (Italy) and Hamburg (Germany)


Blanka Tacer, PhD in business administration and BSc of psychology, professionally focuses on work and organisational psychology and supports private and public companies in building and implementing their human resources management strategy. She works as a coach, trainer and consultant in the field of human resources development, organisational growth and knowledge management.

costs **

Course fee only: 500 € including: tuition, training materials, administration costs, half-day excursion
Comfort package: 650 € including: tuition, training materials, administration costs, half-day excursion, guided walking tour of the City, 5 lunches, 2 dinners, airport transfer
Sessions in Rome: 650 € including: tuition, training materials, support for logistics and administrative arrangements, half-day excursion, welcome dinner


Skupina Primera is HR consultancy based in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. Primera’s team is expert for simple and integrated solutions, with people in the centre of attention. On the individual level we are focused mainly on personal and professional development.



* Please consider that dedicated sessions and tailor made pro- grammes can be set for a minimum of five participants from the same organisation.

** All costs for attendance, travel and accommodation can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant. In case of several participants from the same organisation, a 100 € discount will be applied from the 6th participant onwards.
If you haven’t get funded yet, please do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information and support with the preparation of your application form.