Puppet theatre for social inclusion

The course is aimed to train participants in the creative use of puppetry art for education, therapy and self-development programs. It is a hands-on experience with the special focus on learning how to make and animate simple puppets and how to use them further for developing personal stories in a safe theatrical environment. Items of everyday use brought to life on stage help to raise and discuss important and sensitive issues. They are a perfect tool in improving team work and mutual communication in the group.


By the completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • build a simple paper puppet and animate it, as well as to teach the others how to do that
  • apply the rules of non-verbal/visual storytelling to creation of a theatrical piece
  • propose a number of games and theatrical activities suitable for team building, ice-breaking and tackling personal and social issues
  • design and run own workshop program with the use of puppetry art and theatre storytelling


The course is mainly addressed to beneficiaries of an Erasmus+ KA1 grant in the fields of School and Adult Education, including teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, special needs), adult educators, VET trainers, occupational therapists, art instructors, pedagogues and psychologists, social workers. Participants from youth and VET organisations are also welcome to attend the course.


DAY 1. Monday
Presentation of the program
Getting to know each other
Warm-up exercises: objects and materials waiting for our intervention
Puppet making adventure: individual creation of our paper alter ego
Summing-up the experience and setting goals for next days
Welcome drink and dinner

DAY 2. Tuesday
Animation skills: learning how to bring a puppet to life in small groups
Our puppet heroes in action: working on simple theatrical pieces
Presentations and feedback: how do we feel as puppeteers?
Summing-up the day

DAY 3. Wednesday
The world of stories: exploring different ways of inventing the plot
Structuring our puppet shows
How to advertise our creative work? Working on promotional materials
Reflection/processing – what have we achieved so far?

DAY 4. Thursday
The world of objects: creating scenography with the use of ordinary objects and materials
Our puppet shows: making choices / rehearsing

DAY 5. Friday
Our puppet shows: putting things together and dress rehearsal
Meeting the audience!
Celebrating the completion of our adventure with puppets

DAY 6. Saturday (only morning)
Reflection/processing: how did we work and what have we achieved?
Evaluation of the course
Certificates to participants


Krakov, Poland

scheduled sessions *

7-12 September 2020
11-16 January 2021
22-27 February 2021


Maria Schejbal is graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (Drama and Theatre Department). She is the co-creator of Teatr Grodzki (www.teatrgrodzki.pl). Workshop leader in theatre education with a 22-year experience – working with different disadvantaged groups such as young drug addicts, deaf and the blind people, physically and mentally disabled. She also has an 18-year experience as instructor of training programs for educators, therapists and artists. She is also author of seven publications for teachers and educators and member of ASHOKA Innovators for the Public.

costs **

Course fee: 420 €
Support for logistics and administrative arrangements: 150 €



* Please consider that dedicated sessions and tailor made pro- grammes can be set for a minimum of five participants from the same organisation.

** All costs for attendance, travel and accommodation can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant. In case of several participants from the same organisation, a 100 € discount will be applied from the 6th participant onwards.
If you haven’t get funded yet, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pro4geo.com for any further information and support with the preparation of your application form.