Structured study visit to Rome

Let PRO4GEO be your hosting organisation for your study visit to Rome! We take care of all details from accommodation and food to administrative arrangements and we design tailor made programs for groups from one single organization, so that we make sure that your learning needs and expectations are addressed. The PRO4GEO team is made up of friendly and professional people who will make your experience absolutely useful and unforgettable. Our PRO4TOUR guides are an added value that will help you to explore in deep the Eternal City and its educational resources.

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Better understanding of practices and policies in the Italian education and training system

Increased capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening


Study visits are mainly addressed to beneficiarians of an Erasmus+ KA1 grant in the fields of school, VET and adult education, including administrative staff, teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, special needs), adult educators, VET trainers, student counsellors, career guidance counsellors, headteachers.


Our structured study visits combines training and teambuilding activities, networking events and visits to selected schools and institutes. The 7-day program is designed and adapted to the learning needs of the sending organisation. Participants will be able to meet and interact with Italian colleagues, experts and key stakeholders, discover educational institutions in different sectors as well as to get networked and get in touch with potential future partners for their European projects.



scheduled sessions *

Sessions available on demand


Andrea Natalini

Nicola Franceschi



* Please consider that dedicated sessions and tailor made pro- grammes can be set for a minimum of five participants from the same organisation.

** All costs for attendance, travel and accommodation can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant. In case of several participants from the same organisation, a 100 € discount will be applied from the 6th participant onwards.
If you haven’t get funded yet, please do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information and support with the preparation of your application form.