Successful EU project planning and management

The course provides participants with an overview on the main EU funding opportunities, with a focus on the Erasmus+ programme. Participants will adquire new skills on how to prepare successful proposals and effectively manage educational projects. The trainer will share his sound expertise as project manager and evaluator, giving to all participants an opportunity to explore the world of EU projects from the inside and understand the key points for getting funded.


• The political framework: understanding the link between EU policies and EU funding programmes
• Identifying suitable funding opportunities at European level
• Getting networked
• Building a European partnership
• Transforming a project idea into a project proposal
• Planning an effective dissemination strategy
• Disseminating project results and outcomes
• Planning an effective evaluation strategy
• Additional tools and instruments for a successful proposal
• Managing and reporting EU funds
• Correctly handling the Erasmus+ e-forms


The course is mainly addressed to beneficiarians of an Erasmus+ KA1 grant in the fields of school and adult education, including administrative staff, teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, special needs), adult educators, VET trainers, student counsellors, career guidance counsellors, headteachers.


DAY 1. Sunday (only afternoon)
Presentation of the program
Getting to know each other
Ice-breaking activities
Welcome drink and dinner

DAY 2. Monday
Introduction to the general framework
Strategy Europe 2020
Overview on direct EU funding programmes
Main sources of information
Introduction to Erasmus+: structure, objectives, budget

DAY 3. Tuesday
Analysis of key documents
The Programme Guide
Key Action 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of good practices
Focus on Strategic Partnership
Examples of best practices

DAY 4. Wednesday
From the project idea to the project proposal
How to find suitable partners for your project
The 11 steps for an effective project planning
The budget in Erasmus+
Evaluation of project proposals: the point of view of the evaluator
More tips for an effective project planning
Practical activity: build your own project (part 1)

DAY 5. Thursday
Practical activity: build your own project (part 2)

DAY 6. Friday
Dissemination: main tools and channels
How to handle the e-form
Main challenges in project management
Tools for an effective project management
Reporting in Erasmus+
Practical activity: build your own project (part 3)

DAY 7. Saturday (only morning)
Presentation of results
Course roundup and review
Evaluation of the course
Certificates to participants
Administrative arrangements
Departure of participants


Rome, Italy

scheduled sessions *

7-13 June 2020
6-12 September 2020
15-21 November 2020
14-20 February 2021
9-15 May 2021
3-9 October 2021

Sessions available on demand in Florence (Italy), Terracina (Italy) and Hamburg (Germany)


Andrea Natalini
Nicola Franceschi

costs **

Course fee: 490 €
Support for logistics and administrative arrangements: 150 €


Euradia Italia is  a consultancy firm with over 20 years of experience in European Affairs and headquarters in Rome, Madrid and Brussels. Euradia’s team provides consultancy on a wide range of programmes including both direct and indirect funding and support important organisations at national and European level.



* Please consider that dedicated sessions and tailor made pro- grammes can be set for a minimum of five participants from the same organisation.

** All costs for attendance, travel and accommodation can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant. In case of several participants from the same organisation, a 100 € discount will be applied from the 6th participant onwards.
If you haven’t get funded yet, please do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information and support with the preparation of your application form.