Erasmus+ KA1 courses.

Within Erasmus+ KA1 mobility projects, PRO4GEO operates both as hosting and intermediary organisation by offering high quality training and a wide range of services to beneficiaries of an Erasmus+ grant in the field of school, VET and adult education.

Counting on a sound network of partners at national and European level and reinforced by the partnership with Euradia Italia, providing us with expertise and administrative support, we are able to operate both as a sending and receiving organization. Our training activities meet the requirements of the Erasmus+ programme and have also been approved and published on the School Education Gateway portal. At the moment, we can deliver courses and host trainees in different Italian cities (Rome, Florence, Milan, Terracina) as well as in Hamburg (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Gijón (Spain).

In particular, we organize:

  • training courses for educators, trainers, teachers and administrative staff;
  • job placement in selected companies to carry out traineeships in Italy and other countries;
  • study visits;
  • logistical and administrative support for organizing and carrying out the mobilities;
  • a wide range of cultural and recreational activities to facilitate team building and get networked.


Our OID code for Erasmus+ projects: E10024541

open courses.

Social Theatre as an effective tool for the inclusion of disadvantaged learners

The idea of “doing theatre” as a means to support different disadvantaged groups at high risk of social exclusion (e.g. migrants, disabled, prisoners, ethnic minorities, former drug addicts, etc.) is very ancient. Examples of good practices are spread all over Europe, showing the effectiveness of this methodology.

Puppet theatre for social inclusion

The course is aimed to train participants in the creative use of puppetry art for education, therapy and self-development programs. It is a hands-on experience with the special focus on learning how to make and animate simple puppets and how to use them for developing personal stories.

Successful EU project planning and management

The course provides participants with an overview on the main EU funding opportunities, with a focus on the Erasmus+ programme.

Teaching character: positive psychology for every teacher

This course shows how can inspiring teachers integrate teaching character strengths, optimism, positive emotions, resilience, and positive relationships into their own teaching.

What provokes conflict and how can we manage it?

Participants will learn how to administer different questionnaires and facilitate personal learning with the results. Also, various stimulating exercises will be provided and creative discussion about transfer of key learning points to work and family contexts.

Peer coaching as a sustainable source of professional development

Participants will learn basic coaching skills including active listening, rapport, building trust, empathy, summarising, paraphrasing, reflecting and raising awareness. They will practice GROW coaching model and become fluent in asking powerful questions.

Teaching entrepreneurship in schools: experiential approach

The course allows participants to practice product development and business modelling in order to experience how to teach basic entrepreneurship concepts.

other courses.

Structured study visit to Rome

Our structured study visits combines training and teambuilding activities, networking events and visits to selected schools and institutes.