Feb 2, 2020

Working on your KA1 application? Have a look to our updated training offer!

The KA1 deadline (5th Feb 2020) is fastly approaching: are you still getting in troubles by searching the courses that best fits your project? Have a look to our updated training offer!!!

Run by our trainers or in collaboration with experienced partners, our courses are open to participants from all over Europe. They are specifically designed for school teachers, professional trainers and non-formal educators willing to enhance their professional skills with interactive and inspiring workshops in a friendly and international environment. In addition, our programs include cultural and recreational activities, teambuilding and networking events as well as unconventional city tours that will allow participants to take the best out of the mobility experience.

At the moment, we can deliver courses and host trainees in different Italian cities (Rome, Florence, Milan, Terracina) as well as in Hamburg (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Gijón (Spain). All costs for attendance, travel and accomodation can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant.

Our training activities are delivered in collaboration with our partner Euradia. The OID code for Erasmus+ projects is E10024541.